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Variant calling with NVIDIA Parabricks and GATK

Tuesday February 27th, 10-1:30pm PT

Deep Origin and MILRD have partnered to host a half-day Virtual Training Project (VTP) on variant calling with GATK & NVIDIA Parabricks. Learn to use GPU-accelerated algorithms to speed your genomics workflows by up to 100X!

VTP participants will receive step-by-step training: 

  • Calling single nucleotide small indel variants with NVIDIA Parabricks and GATK.
  • Processing diverse datasets, including human whole exome tumor-normal pairs (SEQC2, Illumina), microbial whole genomes (Mason and Venkateswaran labs, Illumina), and pharmacogenomic diagnostic panels (CariGenetics, ONT PromethION 48).
  • Downstream analysis and visualization, including annotation, filtering, and visualization.

Each VTP participant will also receive: 

  • Example datasets and scripts for variant calling with Parabricks.
  • Support from expert mentors.
  • Compute credits to use Parabricks to analyze your own data in the Deep Origin platform.
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