Computational biology platform

Seamless data analysis, simulation, and visualization in the cloud for uncovering biological systems.

Focus on your science. Leave the infrastructure and DevOps to us.

The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists

The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists

Our platform provides scientists powerful cloud workstations in AWS with cutting-edge scientific software.

With our platform, scientists can configure and launch ComputeBenches, user-friendly workstations for data analysis, simulation, and visualization.

With a software blueprint, an expert-curated collection of pre-installed computational tools, a scientist can get started in minutes and then customize every aspect of their bench.



Toolkit for analyzing single-cell expression data



Toolkit for discovering variants from genomic data



Toolkit for cheminformatics



Platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence



Web IDE for notebooks, code, and data


RStudio Server

Web IDE for analyzing data and writing code with R


VS Code Server

Extensible web IDE for data analysis and coding


Shiny Server

Platform for running data science web apps



High-level, dynamic language



High-level, general-purpose language



Language for statistical computing and graphics



Framework for parallel computing

The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists

Expert-curated scientific software

Get started in minutes with one of our software blueprints, expert-curated collections of domain-specific tools:

  • Metagenomics: Kraken2, Bracken, metaSPAdes, QIIME2
  • RNA-seq analysis: DeSeq2, Salmon, STAR
  • Single-cell genomics: ArchR, CELLxGENE, Scanpy, Seurat
  • Many more
  • Leave the maintenance to us. We regularly upgrade our blueprints.
  • Tailor your workstation by using your favorite package management tool or installing packages from source. With root access, you can customize every aspect of your bench.
Scientist-friendly interface

Scientist-friendly interface

Connect to your bench with your favorite web-based interactive development environment.

  • JupyterLab
  • RStudio Server
  • VS Code Server
  • Custom web servers, such as Shiny apps
  • Use SSH to access your bench from any terminal.
  • Access all of your data, visualizations, code, and programs with one login.
Powerful and configurable hardware

Powerful and configurable hardware

  • Select from 2-192 vCPUs and 4-1,024 GB memory for the smallest to the largest jobs.
  • Attach NVIDIA GPUs to train and run AI models, such as to predict protein structures with AlphaFold.
  • Choose your preferred AWS region.
  • With high-speed storage, your data, code, and programs are saved. This combines the power of the cloud with the ease of use of PCs.
Web-based collaboration with your team

Web-based collaboration with your team

  • Share data and results of analyses with your colleagues.
  • Share links to applications, such as CELLxGENE, with your team or publish them to the world.
Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade security

  • All data is encrypted during transport and at rest.
  • We leverage the latest practices in isolation.
  • Our team has extensive experience building enterprise software.
Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

  • Upfront pricing. Pay as you go. No hidden fees.
  • Features that help you anticipate and control your costs.

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