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Computational biology platform: Beta

Computational biology
without the SciOps

Quickly integrate disparate data and software,
scale compute and storage, and collaborate with your team.

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The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists

One platform for computation, analysis, and collaboration.

Storage volumes make your cloud computing lab feel like your own computer and persist configuration, data, and results.

ComputeBenches spin up scaleable and shareable computing configurations.

Software blueprints provide expert-curated, always up-to-date kits of software applications for life sciences.

Organizations allow interdisciplinary teams to work together to quickly reach their goals.

The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists


Productive research in minutes not days

ComputeBenches adapt to your needs, minimizing DevOps work for ad-hoc analysis through scaled compute investigations.

From 2 to 192 vCPUs, from TBs to PBs.
NVIDIA GPUs to train and run AI models.
Persist data, software, and settings.
Smart pricing controls to only pay for what you need.
Use with software blueprints to get started in minutes.
Find the right tools for your analyses

Software blueprints

Find the right tools for your analyses

Expert curated, always up-to-date software kits for the life sciences.

15+ ready-made Blueprints with 100’s of tools: Metagenomics, RNA-seq analysis, single-cell genomics, and more.
State-of-the-art analytical tools such as ArchR and Seurat.
Friendly interfaces: JupyterLab and VS Code.
Leave the maintenance and set up to us.
Root access to customize all you wish.
The R&D platform for scientists, by scientists


Easily collaborate across your team

Our cloud computational lab makes it easier than ever to invite interdisciplinary colleagues to contribute and accelerate life science discoveries.

Quickly share data, credentials, settings, software, and compute.
Manage the privileges of each team member.
Share with a login.

Don't build your R&D platform alone

Web-based collaboration

Share data and results of analyses with your colleagues.
Share links to applications, such as CELLxGENE, with your team or publish them to the world.

Enterprise-grade security

All data is encrypted during transport and at rest.
We leverage the latest practices in isolation.
Our team has extensive experience building enterprise software.

Transparent pricing

Upfront pricing. Pay as you go. No hidden fees.
Features that help you anticipate and control your costs.

Custom infrastructure tailored for your R&D

Innovative science requires a creative infrastructure partner. Our experts are here to help you scale your ideas to insights with advanced solutions tailored for your science.


Custom blueprints

Let us set up and maintain your own blueprints or create blueprints for your custom needs.


Multi-node ComputeBenches

Access ComputeBenches with multiple machines for distributed workloads such as Spark.


Additional hosting regions

Specify your preferred AWS region to store data where you need it anywhere across the world.


Single sign on (SSO)

We can integrate with your organization’s user accounts for added ease and security.


Dedicated science-first support

A dedicated Deep Origin expert can help you choose and set up the right tooling and techniques.

Focus on science. Leave the SciOps to us.

How scientists are using Deep Origin

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Let us help you get back to scientific discovery

We've felt the pains of life science discovery ourselves, so we built a platform to fix them. Get started for free as an individual investigator or team.

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