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VR Lab Allows Scientists to Experience Life as a Molecule

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To improve healthspan, we must reduce the time, effort, and resources needed to develop drugs. We envision tools that enable scientists to generate compounds quickly, predict their efficacy reliably, and manufacture them inexpensively.

Our goal is to understand the physiochemical systems responsible for biology. We aim to build holistic models, from individual atoms to whole organisms, that use physics and AI to accurately predict biological behavior.

Our strategy is to equip scientists with powerful tools. We see researchers seamlessly combining robotic labs, insightful AI, and precise simulations. Scientists will be able to focus on science, without the challenges of engineering, infrastructure, and operations.

Unraveling biology is a massive challenge. We aim to bring scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs together to explore the unknown and push the boundaries of life.

We believe that health is a right. In the future, scientists should be able to conduct experiments cheaply and easily in silico. The benefits of the knowledge they create should be accessible to all.

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