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Pricing to suit all R&D teams

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Pay-as-you-go for infrastructure

You only pay for what you use. Pricing is upfront and transparent. Rates for the most common options are below. Additional options are available in the platform.


Foundational software blueprints: Free

CPU with 4 GB RAM per vCPU: $0.066/vCPU/hr

CPU with 4 GB RAM per vCPU and medium GPU: $0.132/vCPU/hr

Local persistent storage: $0.10/GB/mo

Data egress after 100 GB/mo: $0.13/GB

Storage volumes

Volume with 125 MB/s/TB throughput: $0.19/GB/mo

Productivity is included

Project management, collaboration, and support is included with every ComputeBench and storage volume.

Notes and secrets: Manage notes and credentials for your ComputeBenches

Organizations: Share ComputeBenches, storage volumes, and secrets

Security: Your data, code, and settings always stay yours

Backup: Your data, code, and settings are automatically protected

Usage controls: Automatically stop idle ComputeBenches

Invoices for humans: Charges are organized by user and resource

Science-native support: Support from computational biology experts

Real-world examples


Infrastructure for a professional bioinformatician focused on AI/ML

1 ComputeBench

Medium GPU (NVIDIA A10G)

8 vCPU


250 GB local persistent storage

160 hr/mo runtime

1 storage volume

1.2 TB

125 MB/s/TB throughput


Infrastructure for a team of 5 professional bioinformaticians

5 ComputeBenches

48 vCPU

192 GB RAM

250 GB local persistent storage

100 hr/mo runtime

1 storage volume

4.8 TB

125 MB/s/TB throughput

Request free access: $500 in credits per user

Infrastructure tailored for your team

Custom infrastructure tailored for your R&D
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All standard features

Advanced blueprints for drug discovery from BiosimAI

Custom software blueprints

Choice of AWS region

Single sign on (SSO) integration

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